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I’m Home!

Thanksgiving was great~ but I am definitely happy to be back at Smith.

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I had a crush on David Bowie when I was a teenager :D

What a gorgeous man.

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Just finished eating thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends. Let the food coma commence.

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Whoa! If this isn’t awesome, then I don’t know what is.

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"…I was like 14 walking around thinking about what the word ‘pussy’ meant. I would be all like—What is this stuff that rappers love so much?"
Megan Hearst
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At The Dinner Table

Person:"You're from Providence? I'm from Cranston man, what school did you go to?"
Me:"E-Cubed Academy."
Person:"OH, Where is that?"
Me:"Oh I don't… I don't really know."
How did I ever get accepted to any college? I can't even tell you the location of my high school, in a state that everyone forgets about and is the size of a bugger on a map.
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Professor:”So I went to chase duckett for dinner—”

Students: “It’s called chuckett”

Proffesor: “Is that what they call it, chuckett? Well, yeah hah. That’s what the food looked like.”

This will always be a relevant statement at Smith College!
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Megan:"…Because of the cold and the winter I get really slow."
Chloe:"Are you a lizard?"
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My life is ruined, kind of…

Now that I am an adult, everything from my childhood sucks and nothing is as glorious as I once thought, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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"All Lil Wayne does is rap like a frog and scream EHHHHH!!!"
Megan Hearst
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Well who didn’t see that coming?

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Buster, you are so right!

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